Building Belief

Belief is an ancient word; or worse, a vague one. Many Christians don't really know what they believe – especially in regard to their beliefs about Jesus and his teachings. As a result, reading the scripture seems tedious and impractical. Yet, it's an exposure and understanding of scripture that builds our beliefs or at least helps us ask the all-important question: do I believe this? If you aren't reading the scripture with the honest question constantly in your mind – do I believe this? - you aren't reading correctly! There is a right and wrong way to read the scripture. In contrast to many of our postmodern assumptions that “any reading should be good,” the scripture doesn't invite us to a passive reading, a reading that appreciates the story but misses the point. The scripture challenges us to the core of our being, asking us, do you believe this? Do you live this? It's okay not to believe; it's better to be honest, and ask for help to believe than to pretend. The scripture says so.